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Bring old albums back to life!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

The best way to preserve old disintegrating albums or scrapbooks is by scanning and reprinting them. Read my blog on all the benefits and how to go about this. But what if you don't really want a printed copy? Or you need many copies but don't want the expense of printing and shipping them to relatives around the country? If this is the case, a flip book may be a good option.

What is a flip book? It is an animated pdf file that looks and feels like your old album. It can live in your computer or on a USB thumb drive and can be displayed by almost any browser. We can also host it on a server so you can share it online.

When we create a flip book out of your original album we can add a table of contents for easy navigation. We can also add searchable text on any page or scan and include any other loose material you may have. All pages are scanned at high resolution so you can zoom into the images for closer inspection and you can rest assured that you are not manipulating pages that may tear or damage. Your original album also can be safely stored in archival grade boxes.

Check out our sample album below!

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