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Passionate About Photos

Taking pictures and keeping them organized is something of a family tradition.  As a child, I remember leafing through huge albums full of black and white pictures and newspaper clippings.  If I close my eyes I still smell the musty scent of paper...

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... and that is not good at all!

As much as my family treasured, organized and displayed our pictures, time and humidity were relentlessly degrading them.  Luckily, the digital age came to our rescue.  I started by digitizing old disintegrating pictures and 35mm slides.  Then created slideshows for my family and was surprised at how much of an impact they had.  Unpacking memories and stories to share with loved ones became a cherished hobby.  

In order to do this efficiently, I needed to maintain a perfectly organized Photo Library (it deserves the capital letters after the effort I put in to it!).  Currently I house over 100,000 pictures, all catalogued, dated and keyworded. I can pull up a specific picture in an average of 45 secs! Pictures get constantly used instead of just archiving them never to be seen again.  We have Sunday night slideshows for the kids (themes include: baby pics, travel, school).  I make Christmas calendars for the extended members of the family, only including pictures of the past calendar year- creating a mini album in the process.  There are digital frames with favourite pictures around the house.  I am also an avid traveler and an expert of "on-the-run-photography"!  My travels generate thousands of pictures that I don't want trapped in an SD card or a hard drive somewhere, hence my passion for organizing.


These are just a few examples of how to bring pictures alive again.  For more ideas, check out my INSPIRATION page.

For decades I have helped friends with the same passion and that is how Posterity Pro was born. I like to get to know my customers to make sure the experience is customized to their needs.  My service is highly personalized and confidential. It will give you peace of mind knowing all your pictures and memorabilia are organized and safe.  


Let's begin to unpack your memories!

                                                                      - Ana

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