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Why you should digitize your photo albums

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

"A picture is worth a thousand words" goes the saying, and it is true- if you can find the picture...

Many of us have spent a good amount of time putting together all kinds of albums or scrapbooks. Baby books, travel and wedding albums, and newspaper clippings to name a few examples. We have also inherited other family member's albums and most of these are probably sitting in a shelf somewhere or more commonly, stuck in a box with other loose pictures tucked away somewhere in the house.

As time goes by these albums degrade, the spine breaks, pictures fall out, paper clippings yellow. However there is a way to preserve and share these memories, just as they are, for future generations.

Have your scrapbooks or albums professionally scanned and reproduced in modern printed photo-books. There are several advantages to this:

Preservation: When we scan your album as is, we will freeze it in time even if the original keeps degrading. Handwriting and other details are also preserved. Your album will now live in digital format as well, hopefully backed up with a good reliable service like Backblaze.

Share-ability: Now that we have a digital copy it can be printed as many times as you need. For example, if you have your parents' old albums digitized, you and all your siblings can now have copies.

Add-ons: Albums usually contain loose photographs or memorabilia like ticket stubs tucked in between pages or in envelopes. Now we can scan those and add them to new pages in the printable copy.

Size matters: Photo-books can be printed in different sizes that can fit nicely on your bookcase. They are thinner and lighter than the originals.

Flexibility: When we scan your albums you have the option of having each photograph saved as an individual photo file. This gives you the ability to reprint any picture from the album, share over social media or turn them into slideshows. We scan at 600dpi which allows you to print enlargements without loss of detail.

Archival choice: Once albums are professionally printed as much thinner copies, you have a choice of what to do with the originals. The pictures can all be unmounted and stored in archival grade boxes or you can keep the album as is.

Photo organization: With the choice to scan all pictures individually we can create an organized digital photo library where you can find your pictures any time you want.

How does the process work?

  1. Email or call for a free consultation

  2. Decide what you want your end product to be

  3. Drop off, mail or have your albums picked up (depending on distance)

  4. Wait for your proofs

  5. Once you approve we send the finished product to print

  6. Receive and enjoy!!!

  7. We mail back your originals

Enjoy your pictures again! Dust off those old albums and convert them into beautiful photo-books that you can enjoy time and time again.

Contact us at for more information

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