September is

save your photos month!

We are very excited to participate in this initiative and bring awareness to the importance of digitizing, backing -up and preserving your memories! 


Apart from scanning and organizing 35mm slides, negatives, prints and other formats we offer some more customized services that we thought would be fun to offer, free of charge, during our outreach program.


Bring us any two items to digitize.  Here are ideas of some things that are awkward sizes or you may not have thought of digitizing.  (If you want to bring us two prints or two slides that is ok too!)


Don't know what to do with all the kid's artwork?  Bring us 2 pieces. We will scan them with good resolution for a re-print if necessary.  You can include it in a photo book at a later date or share with family over social media.

Framed pictures

This is one of my favourite photos of our wedding, unfortunately it is stuck to the glass...

We can scan through glass without reflection. The image on the right can now be printed and re framed.

Keep in mind that some heirloom frames are worth keeping in the scan.



Old black and white photos develop "silvering". This is a form of photo damage that happens to silver-based emulsions. The picture will develop a metallic mirroring effect on the surface.


When a photo starts to silver, it will not stop. However we can create a new digital copy and restore the image.

Very small


These could be photos or other printed material.

Do you have any of these laying around? Time for these tiny images to see the light of day!

Think of tiny things you want to photo/scan or catalogue- like stamps, Disney pins etc.



Old  photo albums and scrapbooks tend to fall apart over time.

We wanted to save this album but wanted to keep the vintage feeling of the original pages so we scanned it as is.

These pages could be sent to be printed and framed.

Remember that if you want to tackle your photos during September, Save Your Photos Month will present more than 40 short classes developed by photo Pros, covering topics such as “iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks”, “Cherishing Your Child’s Memories”, and  “Tackle Your Family History”.   There is lots of good content on the website.  Make it a priority to save, organize and backup your photos so you can share them with your kids and future generations!



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