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We can also fix

Torn photos

Torn or damaged photos can be digitally repaired and reprinted

Example of torn photo repair

Faded Photos

Over time printed pictures loose their luster.  Especially if they have been kept in non archival albums or picture frames exposed to direct light.

Faded photograph edit


Old black and white photos develop "silvering." This is a form of photo damage that happens to silver-based emulsions. The picture will develop a metallic mirroring effect on the surface. We can bring back some of the lost detail.

Silvering photo repair

Old 35mm slides or negatives

The elements can play havoc on your slides.  This is an example of a moldy slide.  We can't repair the original but we can digitally restore it and have a print made.

Example of damaged 35mm slide repair

Kid's Artwork

Big art is hard to store! Scan it and keep the memory not the stuff!

Kids artwork_edited.png
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